Ngan Khanh

Ngan Khanh

Name                             Ngan Khanh
Birth name                      Le Ngan Khanh
Birth date                       July 10, 1985
Birth place                     Quy nhon, Vietnam
Height                            167 cm
Weight                            46 kg
Measurements                 82 / 58 / 88 cm
Horoscope                     Cancer
Profession                       Actress, model, singer

Personal Life and Career
The singer and actress beautiful Ngan Khanh revealed her boyfriend is working for a corporation with strong brands in Vietnam in the role as director of strategy. However, the beauty said: "He is not extended".

Began to pursue the path of art from the toddler to death, Ngan Khanh step closer to dream on poetry: Becoming Diem Mi actress like her, as she Vietnam Virgin ... But recently, the audience Vy also saw her tricks of the "Call dream" appeared on the stage musical.

Are quite popular on network television with the role-loved, so Khanh new way to turn horizontally?

In fact, since entering the world of art, singing is also a selection of Khanh Khanh but have not developed by chance. Predestined to film came earlier Khanh predestined to sing. Currently, the Khanh, becoming a singer is to start a new path of challenge and more difficult. Dare not promised anything but Khanh also trying their best in this new role.

Pretty singers independent development path, but chose Khanh Troops on Music Box. Why this decision?

Music Box is a professional training company and reputation in the field of music should Khanh company believes will help his career advantages. On the other hand, Khanh confidence in corporate strategy for recruitment c select the input is quite thorough and rigorous. Singers want to start military company must undergo inspection within the voice and dancing ability.

Step into the path of singing professionally, Khanh choose their own style do not sink to fill the first "forest" singer now?

So I should not match will not go Khanh style sexy and vibrant as many female singers today. Khanh choose feminine and airy style a bit long, because Khanh and companies have found that this is the style that best suits you. Also therefore, objects that Khanh towards the audience as well as in adulthood, has its own feel, clear views with concern the previous life. Khanh's music to share with them the thinking, the oil tank life ... So that the lyrics of each song always be polished carefully, toward the perceived sophistication.

Talk a bit about the film career of Khanh slightly. For a short time but quite dense Khanh appear on network television, many talented people said Khanh "diplomatic"?

Indeed there are many people who ask this question Khanh many forms and different question. Most of them have no sympathy with Khanh. We will do this with the lack of sympathy for her? They beg or justify confided, this necessary?

But many people still think "I can not smoke there's fire"?

It's very complicated if you want to find out why some people lack the goodwill to someone in this life. The wisdom, and silliness in real life is very long. Day has more than 24 years of age, who live, work and love by the emotions of a daughter to adulthood. Khanh just hope they understand that people are few success through luck. Why do not you think they have succeeded in the effort with the sweat of his own?