Helen Thanh Dao

Helen Thanh Dao 

Helen Thanh Dao (born September 23, 1983), whose real name is Nguyễn Thanh Đào (阮菁桃 or 海倫清桃), is a Vietnamese of Chinese descent. Helen rose to fame in Vietnam as an actress, often being regarded as Vietnam’s Linh Chi Ling (a Taiwanese model and actress). More recently, Helen has returned to Taiwan to further her career following the decline of her popularity within Vietnam’s entertainment industry.

Helen Thanh Dao was born in Vietnam to a Taiwanese father and Vietnamese mother. At the age of 14, Helen moved with her parents to live in Taiwan, however, a year later her father would suffer a fatal stroke. Helen continued to her with her mother until she finished high school. After graduating from university in Los Angeles, California, USA, Helen moved to Vietnam to pursue a career in acting.

Her performance in the 2005 film Đô La Trắng (White Dollars) won her the title of favorite supporting actress at Vietnam’s HTV Awards in 2006.

In 2010, Helen posed nude for Taiwanese media. When the incident was reported in conservative Vietnam, there was a storm of public opinions. Overall, reactions were mixed as some praised the model-actress while others condemned her.

Vietnamese film actors are missing a lot so finding new faces and famous people is how to deal with urgent today. Helen Thanh Dao, a brand-new new faces from overseas Vietnamese to get into the film quickly find their place in the rare case. Before acting in VN, Helen Thanh Dao never involved with the arts as an actress she was known as a model.

Summer in 2005, Helen Thanh Dao Khanh officially landed the role in the movie Ice White Dollas. Next is the piece of film Hai (as Mong Thu), there is love (as Lee San San), purchase price of a god (as Li Jie Aggregates) and now the Law Giang Ho (Film truyen1). Over the past two years that Helen Thanh Dao present in all five films in Vietnam and holds the place as much land. Participating in acting, Helen Thanh Dao won straight to the best cast award presented by HTV for her role in White Dollas.

Helen winning first runner-up in the Super Model of The World held in Taipei - Taiwan should get lots of invitations from China, France, Italy ... but after joining the film, Helen Thanh Dao only work part-time model (part time). Whether in America or in Vietnam, Helen always research scenarios to select the appropriate role and refused offers of full-time modeling career. Helen said: "Helen received many invitations filming and fashion shows but Helen must choose for themselves the most popular. When there are appropriate roles, Helen is ready to fly to Vietnam even casting a few days ".

The biggest surprise in contact with overseas Vietnamese actress Helen Thanh Dao is very strong oriental nature. Helen grew up in America but the fashion show and starred in movies she was afraid to appear in the costumes lack of privacy. Helen said: "Only those acting in the film is the boldest white Dollas! At the close Hellen very shy and afraid. That Helen did not dare to watch this film family. Make Helen never dare close the shoulder again as Khanh Bang! Despite what his daughter was Vietnam that! "