Che Che Lazaro Presents Ang Tunay na Pag-Ibig ni Lolo Jose

In time with the 150th anniversary of the birth of the country's national hero, Cheche Lazaro Presents a one-and-a-half-hour documentary on the many loves -- and the greatest passion -- of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Based on more than 200 hundred letters and accounts of direct descendants of Rizal and those of his three great loves, CLP weaves a story of a brilliant but physically challenged boy who loved women and his country with almost equal fervor. The show reintroduces the national hero to a generation that knows him only through history books whose data are either wanting or inaccurate.

Historian Ambeth Ocampo is joined by third, fourth, and fifth generation Rizal progenies and direct descendants of the national hero's first love Segunda Katigbak; his longest, if not most serious, affair Leonor Rivera; and the woman he wanted to marry before he faced death, Josephine Bracken, in presenting the hero whose ideals about life, love, religion, and country 150 years ago are as relevant as today. Together they tell a story of hope and despair, and a promise that every Filipino can be a hero.

Don't miss this very special episode of CLP on Sunday, June 19 at 10:30PM on ABS-CBN 2.

Here is the video courtesy of Probe Productions.