Andrei Felix Excited for New Show on Studio 23

Andrei Felix is excited to be part of "DreamDate," which is touted as the first original Pinoy dating game show.

"DreamDate" is the "first-ever tri-media dating game and lifestyle show in the Philippines." It aims to connect all 3 main media outlets--online, mobile and television--to meet the growing demands of today's generation of digital consumers.

Felix and MYX VJ Bianca Roque are the hosts of the newest TV program on Studio 23.

"This is actually one of my dream jobs," he said. "I've been on radio. I've been a VJ as well. I've done basketball and I'm currently hosting a morning show. But this is something I haven't done yet. Being part of 'DreamDate' is overwhelming. It's a very big project. The concept of the show is that everybody can join in."

Roque, for her part, said: "It's not your usual dating game show. For our contestants, we not only have beauty queens but also tough girls and girls-next-door. At the same time, we have the online component which is the lifestyle angle of the show. In that website, Chuzi, you could get tips and advice on how to dress up, do make-up, where to go on dates, what to do. I'm sure everyone will get something out of this show."

David Abrenilla, the executive producer and creator of the show, said "DreamDate" is "actually an extension of Chuzi."

"Consumers shall use the Internet or their mobile phone to enroll in the game in hopes of finding their match. The consumers are analyzed... and will be invited to a casting call to have a chance to be on 'DreamDate' show," Abrenilla said.

In search of their ultimate dream date, 6 contestants--3 girls and 3 boys--will go through challenges and interviews to test their compatibility. At the end, the contestants will be given the chance to vote for their dream date based on their looks, personality and talents.

"DreamDate" will premiere on July 15 at 11:30 p.m. on Studio 23