Sam Concepcion Reveals First Love

Actor and singer Sam Concepcion revealed that starting young in showbiz left him less room for love life.

In an interview with “Kris TV” on Wednesday, the 18-year-old Concepcion said that the nearest he got to having a real romantic relationship is the close friendship he had with Star Magic batch 16's Cheska Ortega.

Ortega made a short stint in the television series "I Love Betty la Fea." She played the role of Concepcion’s love interest.

She has reportedly left the showbiz industry to study in the United States.

In explanation to why his relationship with Ortega never went beyond being really good friends, Concepcion said, “We were young [then]... 15 lang po ako noon eh.”

When asked if he considers Ortega as his first love, Concepcion simply smiled and nodded.