Anne Curtis Takes MRT Again

“I think I should be the ambassador for public transportation na! Haha.”

This was what “Showtime” host Anne Curtis said via her Twitter account (@annecurtissmith) on Aug. 2 after she was forced to take the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) again recently due to what she said is the “bad traffic” in EDSA

“I love how fast the MRT is!” added Anne, who was on her way to the “Showtime” studio when she rode it for the second time.

“Can you get a card for it na pwede mag-load? Like an oyster or myki card?” Anne added as if preparing for another MRT ride in the future.

The Oyster card is a re-loadable electronic ticketing system used on public transport services within Greater London, while Myki is the name for the same kind of ticketing system used in Australia —both with roughly the same function as the stored value cards of MRT in the country, only our local cards cannot be reloaded by the user.

Seemingly at ease inside the train, Anne posed for photos with her younger sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith while on the MRT. She then posted the same picture in her Twitter account.

“Thanks to my beautiful baby @jascurtissmith (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) for being game to jump out of the car, duck under the railings along Santolan, run up the flooded stairs with the rain pouring down as hard as and catch the MRT with me! Her sneakers and socks are drenched but I haven't heard a simple complaint! #ilovemysistersomuch” she tweeted.

Though she missed the show’s opening, Anne made it just in time for the show's daily “Madlang People Chant” segment, wherein she comes up with a short song and dance number that the audience will then imitate.

Just last month, the actress-host made the news when she took the train for the first time in order to make it to the concert of Australian singer Kylie Minogue in Araneta Coliseum on July 5.