Seo Ji-Hye on Pure Love

Seo Ji-Hye stars in the upcoming Asianovela "Pure Love" also known as "49 Days" where she portrays a smart and selfish woman, a cultured, strong-willed career woman who uses love to achieve her desires. She personifies the new term “icy city girl”.

Seo Ji-Hye plays the best friend of the Nam Gyu-Ri character; she is a secretary in her father’s company. She is ambitious and unscrupulous, and in a society with pre-defined social classes, she even betrays her best friend.

Athough it is not her intention, when the NGR character falls into a coma, on the one hand she is pained, but on the other, she has to continue with her scheme to avoid detection. She is afraid of revealing herself, and when the NGR character’s soul enters the LYW character’s body, she feels haunted and they start to engage in a tense war of nerves.

Seo Ji-Hye said: “In my previous dramas like ‘I love you’ and ‘Over the Rainbow’, etc., I have always played a sweet character, very different from my character in ’49 Days’. This role can satisfy my thirst for acting and allow me to develop my acting skills. On the surface, she is a villainess, but from the comprehensive point of view, she is completely immersed in the current society.”

Don't miss the premiere of Pure Love on the first and true home of Asianovela this July 11.