Nam Gyuri on Pure Love

Nam Gyuri is dead in a car accident on the first 30 minutes of the new Asianovela on ABS-CBN, "Pure Love" also known as “49 Days”.

Nam Gyuri‘s character, Shin Ji-hyun, dies tragically in a car accident with a wedding ahead of her. Why do they die so young?! It wasn’t supposed to be her time, but nonetheless, she bit the dust. A modern edition messenger from the other world “scheduler” Jung Il-woo runs into the recently deceased Nam Gyuri while on his way to a death appointment.

It seems her death was provoked by Song Lee-kyung (played by Lee Yo-won), who ran out in front of a dump truck during her own emotional distress, which in turn, caused the chain of events that lead to the traffic accident that killed our 30-minute heroine.

She now has 49 days to have 3 people she loves to sincerely cry from her, otherwise she won’t be able to live again.

Don't miss the premiere of Pure Love this July 11 on the first and true home of ABS-CBN.