Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes Share Few Details About Their Suitors

Contrary to popular belief, Mara Clara rivals Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes are the best of friends off camera. They actually share a lot of common interests, which include binge eating on the set of their recently-concluded soap, mall-hopping and trading secrets about boys. “Kathryn and I hang out a lot. Kapag may free time kami, we eat or go to karaoke together. Kathryn always brings lots of snacks with her. We were even told to moderate our eating habits. Pero mas pinagbabawalan ako kaysa sa kanya, so during dinner, we sneak out. We look for a spot where no one will see us eating while we share secrets with each other,” Julia admitted in an interview with Chalk Magazine.

According to Kathryn, hanging out in malls is her best way to cope with the stress at work. Like any typical teenager, she loves going on a food trip or playing laser tag with friends after school. “I go malling to de-stress. I find it relaxing. I love Forever 21! I don’t like really staying home. Even when we’re not taping, I’d still rather go out. Sometimes, after taping, I go straight to school. My teachers don’t believe me when I tell them I came from work. Mahirap pala talaga kapag may regular school schedule and regular show. I’ve been absent a number of times due to whole day tapings. So it’s really important to do time management.”

Avid fans of the two are probably interested to know more about their celebrity crushes and who among their friends from the biz have expressed an intention to pursue them on a romantic level. Although they insist that their showbiz career is their main priority, both Kathryn and Julia revealed a few details about their love life and what keeps them inspired nowadays. “For me the sweetest thing that ever happened to me was when my friend surprised me by visiting me even when I got home late from a taping,” said Julia. “One time, someone serenaded me in school,” Kathryn briefly added.

Check out more of Kathryn and Julia’s revelations about their showbiz career and life behind the camera in Chalk Magazine’s June issue.

Source: www.abs-cbn.com