Piolo Pascual on Clear Men

For someone who’s always in the public eye, superstar Piolo Pascual makes sure that he’s at his best all the time. How he does it exactly is truly amazing, but one thing’s for sure—it all starts in the head.

One look at Piolo, and it becomes obvious that the award-winning actor really does take care of his hair. His full, shiny and healthy head of hair is the first thing people notice.

“I always see to it that my hair is in check. In this kind of business, hair can do a lot in defining a character I’m portraying. One moment I’m sporting a Mohawk like a rock star; the next, my hair is slick for a more dignified look,” Piolo recounted. “It’s really a must to keep hair healthy and looking great.”

Choosing the right kind of hair-care product is also vital. After years of trying various products, he finally found what he was looking for when he tried Clear Men.

“My hair used to get dry with all the styling and hours staying under the sun during shoots. Sometimes, I get itchy and flaky scalp, and there was even a time when I had falling hair,” Piolo said. “But with Clear Men, I don’t need to worry about these problems. I endorse products and brands which I truly believe in. I’ve been with Clear since the beginning, and I’ve always believed in the product.”

Now with Pro Nutrium 10, a breakthrough technology, Clear provides much-needed nourishment that targets the core of hair problems: an unhealthy scalp. This formulation is a potent combination of two powerful anti-dandruff ingredients—Zinc Pyrithione and Climbazole—that work together to combat the cause of dandruff and scalp problems.
New Clear Men also uses a different formulation suited for the male scalp. Men were found to have weaker scalp that is more prone to dandruff. “Before, I always found myself scratching my head after a long day. I became conscious and I started checking for any signs of unsightly flakes,” Piolo said.

“I’m a sucker for groundbreaking products. I always look for high performance and high quality.”

New Clear Men works by supplying the scalp with vitamins and nutrients for no dandruff, no itch, less hairfall. It also leaves your hair three times stronger versus the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brand. This revolutionary product is endorsed by the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology.

“I’ve never tried any anti-dandruff shampoos that deliver totally dandruff-free and healthy hair the same way,” Piolo stated. “It’s the ultimate solution to my hair concerns. In a way, it boosted my confidence because I don’t need to worry all the time about those embarrassing dandruff flakes and falling hair. Having said that, I don’t see any reason why I should switch. I’m happy, and my choice is Clear.”

Here, Piolo answers some questions about hair care.

What is your hair regimen?

Hair is very important to me because it completes my total package. My hair regimen is simple. I choose the shampoo that keeps my hair and scalp healthy. This should give me no dandruff, no itch, and less hairfall.

Any helpful hair tips?

It is important to find a shampoo that is compatible to your hair type. A shampoo that will make your hair healthier and dandruff-free. After all, confidence starts from the head.

How often do you have a haircut?

My haircut depends on the length and requirements for any role. Generally, I have my hair groomed twice a month.

What kind of haircut do you like? Do you have any preferred style?

I like it clean and easy to style. As much as possible, hair that needs no styling after shampooing is perfect.