Pinoy Biggest Loser's Heaviest Evicted

Francisco "Eboy" Bautista, one of the contestants in ABS-CBN's "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition" was voted off the show on Monday night.

Francisco was booted out after losing only 4 lbs in the last weigh-in.

"Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the scolding, thank you for everything," Bautista said after he was eliminated.

Aside from being the heaviest contestant in "Pinoy Biggest Loser," Francisco was also one of the heaviest in the reality show worldwide.

Bautista, 33, who hails from ParaƱaque City, weighed 481 lbs during the show's first weigh-in.

He lost a total of 97 lbs.

Meanwhile, Angela Lupango of Rizal was chosen Biggest Loser of the Week after losing 6 lbs.

Lupangco, who weighed 223 lbs during the show's first competitive weigh-in, was 174 lbs in the last weigh-in.