Maria Aragon on The Bottomline

This Saturday, YouTube Sensation Maria Aragon takes the hot seat as she hums beautiful music on “Bottomline with Boy Abunda.”

The eleven-year old Filipino-Canadian singer has already showed so much talent. Her passion for music started at an early age when she encountered a ‘videoke’ box for the first time and fell in love with singing right there and then. Eventually, music became a big a part of her life.

Her love for music never faltered and Lady Gaga herself recognized the talent she has when she watched Maria Aragon’s “Born this Way” cover. Later on, she was invited to share her talent and perform on big TV shows such as “Ellen de Generes” and “Good Morning America.”

Maria tells Boy how she was raised, how she came to love music, and what she intends to do to make her dreams come true.

See her perform and watch her interview on “Bottomline with Boy Abunda” this Saturday after “Banana Split.”