Blogatorials: Why Alfie Lorenzo Hates Star Magic?

Talent manager/tabloid writer Alfie Lorenzo does it again! Writing bad publicity about Star Magic talents including Piolo Pascual, and now with Erich Gonzales. He said in his newspaper column that Erich doesn't fit to star in a Thalia telenovela remake and that the title Maria la del Barrio fits Erich because she looks like a barrio lass.

It will be remembered that Alfie had a feud against Star Magic big boss Johnny Manahan saying that he's banned from attending Star Magic events. He even called Johnny Manahan "Bossing Babalu" and accusing him as bisexual.

Why do you think Alfie hates Star Magic? His most famous talent, Judy Ann Santos, is working with ABS-CBN, thus also working with some Star Magic talents.