Sonia Sui on The Fierce Wife

Sonia Sui is definitely very fierce in the upcoming ABS-CBN Asianovela, “The Fierce Wife”! For the sake of her husband James Wen, she sacrifices herself and fights off a crowd of a hundred to be the first to put her incense stick at the temple, wishing health and success for her husband. The drama crew hired a hundred extras to film the scene – pushing and shoving for real; Sonia joked, “We’re filming an action film here.”

The scene took five hours to film; Sonia was not only being stepped over by the crowd, she also had to climb over barriers to make her way into the temple, sweating and panting. Luckily, she didn’t burn herself with the incense stick that she was holding, “All of my painful expressions in the scene are real, I didn’t have to ‘act’ at all.”

Just before the filming, the staff especially helped Sonia put on knee and elbow pads, worrying that she would fall and hurt herself. The cameraman also taught her how to fall in order not to get hurt. Sonia originally thought, “Is it necessary to take so much precaution?” But little did she know, the scene turned out to be quite violent with her tripping and crawling. She laughed, “This way, people can really understand how much a wife is willing to give and do for her family.”

After their successful drama, "The Year of Happiness and Love", Sonia Sui and James Wen pair up again for "The Fierce Wife". Don't miss the Fierce Wife on the Kapamilya Gold of the first and true home of Asianovela.