Patrol ng Pilipino Joins People's SONA

While the President and his team are preparing for his annual “State of the Nation Address” (SONA), the members of militant groups, the veterans of countless rallies, are also getting ready to deliver what they think is the real state of the nation, the “People’s SONA,” as they call it.

With placards, effigies, jingles and speeches in tow, they come to convey the endless grievances of the Filipino people to the current administration.

Join ABS-CBN correspondent Jeck Batallones as he joins these groups from their preparation to their demonstration during the President’s SONA this Tuesday (July 26) in “Patrol ng Pilipino.”

Listen to what they are fighting for and decide if the nation’s previous leaders and current Filipino president have done no good to and for the people in Jeck’s report.

Meanwhile, ABS-CBN correspondent Chiara Zambrano will tackle the ongoing tension between the Philippines and China because of the Spratly Islands. Does the Philippines’ really have a fight against China in claiming these islands, which are said to be rich in natural resources?

Find out the stories behind the news on “Patrol ng Pilipino,” this Tuesday (July 26), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.