John Lloyd Cruz on PSBank Debit MasterCard

Celebrities are a dime a dozen nowadays. Some become instant stars but fade away just as easily. Some establish a solid career not only because of sheer talent but because of their willingness to learn and acquire a different kind of versatility that’s possessed by just a few.

Take John Lloyd Cruz, for instance. He started as one of the many teen stars of Tabing Ilog, a sleeper hit of a TV program in the late ‘90s. Even then, there was already a certain seriousness and sensitivity in his acting. Through the years, he allowed himself to be honed into the complete package: actor of award-winning dramatic films and rom-com box-office hits, TV host, idol not only here but abroad, and even part of the funny dancing group Kanto Boys. Indeed, a perfect example of versatility.

Now, if John Lloyd was an ATM card, then that card had better carry the same qualities that John Lloyd possesses. This card should be useful not only for regular ATM transactions but should also have a value-added feature which clients should find very useful. It should be famous enough to be recognized and accepted in any part of the world and deliver quality every time.

Enter this new, better and powered-up ATM card. PSBank, a member of the Metrobank Group, introduces the PSBank Debit MasterCard which offers the convenience of cashless purchases and regular ATM transactions all in one card.

You don’t have to worry about bringing lots of cash or looking around for the nearest ATM to withdraw the amount you need. Simply present your PSBank Debit MasterCard in stores and restaurants that carry the MasterCard logo to pay. You can even use this for regular ATM transactions such as withdrawals, bills payment or account inquiries.

“We wanted to offer a power-packed version of our ATM card that would spell convenience, security and ease of transaction for our clients anywhere they may be. And we couldn’t think of a celebrity that best embodies all these but John Lloyd,“ PSBank Business Development Division Head Melissa Tong said.

“Just like John Lloyd, PSBank Debit MasterCard is really versatile, thanks to our partnership with MasterCard which opens wide its use and reach so that clients can now bring the PSBank Debit MasterCard - and nothing else - when they go out. It’s still a regular ATM card because you can still withdraw, pay your bills and check your account but you can also now use it for cashless transactions in restaurants and shops. Clients can get their own card in 30 minutes or less and immediately enjoy all these services,” Ms. Tong added.

The PSBank Debit MasterCard can be used in over 30.2 million MasterCard-affiliated merchants worldwide. It can also be used to withdraw from any BancNet, ExpressNet and Megalink ATMs locally and 1.6 million MasterCard or Maestro-Cirrus ATMs in over 210 countries. To help you monitor your finances and your budget, you can also view your account statement for your last five transactions, get your available account balance, pay your bills, transfer funds or change your PIN in over 400 PSBank ATMs nationwide.

It’s true what they say. If this card were a person, he’d probably be John Lloyd: famous, well-known and as local showbiz parlance says, hanep and astig! Get your own PSBank Debit MasterCard now by opening a PSBank ATM Savings Account, PSBank Passbook with ATM, PSBank Overseas Filipino Savings Account or PSBank Premium Checking Account at any PSBank branch.

For inquiries, call PSBank Customer Service at (632) 845-8888 anytime, any day or visit any of 187 PSBank branches nationwide.