Eric Limatog Voted Out off The Biggest Loser Camp

Eric limatog, a 22 year old guy from mandaue city, was the 4th person eliminated in the reality show the biggest loser pinoy edition. He was voted out after being in the bottom two together with Angela.

Eric joined the show for him to have a girlfriend and to make his family proud. he had his moments on the show, specially when their team won rubber shoes for their loved ones since his father and him shares only 1 pair of rubber shoes. His elimination also came only a week after he was declared the biggest loser of the week. He also surprised the other contestants by saying upfront at the weigh in that he will not continue losing weight if he leaves the camp.

Inside the camp, he was able to lose 40 pounds total of 14.7% of his starting body weight. He ended up with a body weight of 232lbs.