Yunjin Kim

Yunjin Kim

Birth date                        November 7 1973
Birth place                      Seoul, South Korea
Height                            5' 7" (1.70 m)
Spouse                          Jeong Hyeok Park
Languages                      Korean and English.

Although born in Korea, she was raised mostly in New York City.
Already a bankable star in Asia, she is crossing over the Pacific and gaining American fans in the hit TV show "Lost" (2004).

She shares the very popular Korean last name "Kim" (more than one fifth of the population) with her "Lost" (2004) co-star and on-screen husband, Daniel Dae Kim. They are neither related nor married.

A trained dancer: Ballet, Jazz, Afro-Caribbean and Peking Opera Dance.
She is also a trained fighter. Her combat skills are Unarmed, Quarter Staff, Broad Sword and Tae Kwon Do.

Published a Japanese photobook called "XOXO".
Trained at Boston University (BFA Acting), British American Drama Academy, High School of Performing Art.

Yunjin Kim  is a Korean American film and theater actress. Although she is best known in the English-speaking world for her role as Sun on the American television series Lost, Kim has also appeared in numerous film and TV projects in South Korea.

After graduation, Kim devoted herself full time to acting. She garnered several minor parts on MTV, in soap opera-style dramas on ABC, and on the off-Broadway stage. In 1997 she starred in Splendid Holiday, a Korean TV drama being shot on location in New York. In part due to this experience, Kim decided to return to Korea. She was quickly cast in the TV drama Wedding Dress and was also invited to act in Lee Kwangmo's feature Spring in My Hometown, although she ended up not taking this role. Her breakthrough debut came in the 1999 film Shiri, South Korea's first blockbuster film. Shiri became the highest grossing film in Korean history at the time, making her an instant star throughout the country. In November 2000 she continued her association with KangJeGyu Film in the big-budget The Legend of Gingko.


1999   Shiri
2000   The Legend of Ginkgo
2001   Rush! 
2002   Iron Palm
2002   Yesterday
2007   Seven Days
2010   Harmony
2011   Heartbeat

1996   Splendid Holiday 화려한 휴가
1997   Foreboding  예감
1998  Wedding Dress 웨딩 드레스
1999   In Search of Love 유정
2004–2010   Lost