Tia Agustin

Tia Agustin

Birth name                          Sri Agustiani
Birth date                           August 18, 1987
Birth place                          Banten, Indonesia
Occupation                         Model and Actress
Height                                163 cm
Weight                               45  kg

Life and Career
Tia Agustin was born in Banten on August 18, 1987 and has the full name of Sri Agustiani is the 4th child of 5 siblings. Tia grew up in Banten and getting to know the world a photo model in 2009.
Once active in the modeling world, Tia Agustin plunge movie industry. First film titled "13 Ways of Calling Satan"  that will appear next April in movies/theaters all over Indonesia.

When moved from a small town in Malingping, Banten in West Java ,  Tia Agustin was determined foray into the entertainment world. although for that scene open-aperture must be done

Her career as a model and could acted in the soap opera Chrysanthemum and the Pursuit of Melani, as well as some product ads starring, is the first step of the challenge

Penetrated to the big screen, Tia Agustin was undecided. In her  first movie, '13 Ways of Calling Satan ',
she can be the role of' hot 'and have come up with scenes of open-aperture.

"At that time I did not immediately accept the offer. But after the people close to allow, I am finally willing and ready to risk anything, " she said, in the office, Bekasi, on Thursday (09/12/2010).

In the film, Tia Agustin plays devil figure with costumes of invisibility and the obligatory sex with one famous actor. She claime,  I'm  nervous, because it can truly understand the character she played.

Tia Agustin was uncomfortable. Instead it comfortably. Either because of the girl born August 18 is indeed used to look sexy and open, or because some of the poses challenging times appeared in the magazine adult men.

"Maybe because of that too," she said. In fact, after shooting the film will be released early 2011's, Tia Agustin addiction. "I feel challenged. The important thing is professional and we see from the positive side only, "said Tia Agustin again.

Therefore, in addition to day-to-day shooting schedule is now preoccupied with the rather dense, Tia Agustin still obsessed with the role of 'open-aperture' other. "Want to try, please, "she challenged