Sam Pinto

Pinay Celebrity
Sam Pinto

Birth name                       Samuelle Lynne Acosta Pinto
Birth date                         December 11, 1989
Birth place                       Paranaque City, Philippines
Occupation                      Actress, Performer, Host, Comedian, Model
Height                              5’7″
Civil Status                      Single
Religion                           Christian
Hobbies                          Surfing the net, swimming, music.


Modeling career
Sam started out as a print-ad and TV commercial model. At the age of 10, she got her first modelling job, appearing in the posters for Coca-Cola. Other TV and print-ad credits include Sunsilk, SMART, Voice combo sandwich, Colgate, Palmolive, and Mc Donald's.  She was also an endorser for a clothing brand, BAYO.

She became known to people after being a part of the reality series, Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up. Originally a House B housemate, she moved to House A after a week of her stay inside Big Brother's House. She has been saved by her fans through voting on several eviction nights before finally getting the boot on the night of January 9, 2010.

TV Appearances
Before her stint on the reality show though, she was seen acting with Mark Herras on a "Maynila" episode in GMA Network. Sam was a finalist in the Myx VJ Search 2008. Her first regular appearance was in a television show called Midnight DJ, opposite Oyo Boy Sotto. She joined the show as a cast regular in the middle of season 4. She played Max, the Midnight DJ crew's resident psychic. Her character was first introduced in the "Oink! Oink!" episode.

What Sammi says about herself
People tend to misjudge me as a sophisticated snob person. I’m actually the opposite one. Some says I have a suplada-look that’s pretty daunting. I’m not really suplada so it’s reasonable to draw closer to me. Don’t annoy me coz I can be your worst enemy. I’m pretty much reserved and quiet but I know how to handle fun and I can surely rock life without regrets, I’m an extrovert-intuitive- thinker and perceiver. I’m a fragile person inside and indestructible out! I’m very unpredictable and moody. I love my family, of course God and also I love my friends. They are my second family and I would never ever trade them for anything. I love to cheer up people, not to fool them around. I can keep them as long as they want. I’m very loyal, friendly, but I can be stubborn in some ways maybe because, I’m a consistent person sometimes hihi. But I’m also open minded. I socialize with almost everybody. I always had fights with my emotional side because I’m so sensitive and I easily cry. I’m a dreamer. I like schooling and I make it a priority, (HUH? really??) I’m usually interested in people, how they react to certain things the way they eat, was that normal? Well, who cares about normality? I’m an average-everyday-sane-psycho-super-goddess”. Pizza fries ice cream and chocolates are my best friends. hihi I could eat them everyday! I love views and spots… I love beach and everything about it. It makes me feel rela and romantic. I love parties… really good (not to mention smoking!) I love to shop… I’m so vain… Totally vain. I’m crazy too! I’m too fast for the shot of the camera. Catch me taking pictures when I’m bored! I love to try new things as young as I am. I often talk to myself whenever I feel liking it, when I reminded a funny experience, I’d laugh out loud.