Elly Tran Ha 阮金紅

Elly Tran Ha  阮金紅

This time I wanna post a short biography of Elly Tran Ha that I collected from some Asian and Vietnamese local site. As I said in my previous post, "Who is Elly Tran Ha?", her precise age is unknown. Some sites wrote that she was born in 1988, while others said 1987, and few even wrote that Elly Tran Ha is 1993 birth! Anyway, all sources give the same date, only different years.

Elly Tran Ha's Biography:

Real Name                         Tran Kim Hong
Nick name                          Elly Tran Ha, Elly Kim Hong,
Birthday                             June 8, 1988
Birth place                          Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Height                                 5’6″ (1.68 m)
Weight                               104 lbs (47 Kg)
Measurements                    37-23-35 (inc)
Cup size                             F
Blood group                       A
Occupation                         Actress and Model

Life and Career
She is a rare blend of an angelic face, youthful innocence, a petite yet curvy figure.

Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a pretty Vietnamese model who was born on 08-06-1987. She is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.

She became really popular through having her photos circulated on the internetlike a meme. Personally I find she is the rare beauty that doesn't need any makeup. There's tonnes of her stuff on the web so I'll try to be really selective and only show you the best stuff, in my humble opinion of course. (More)

The latest news on Elly Kim Hong is that besides being a photo shoot model, and some cameo roles in some asia movies, she might go into singing. Here's to more great news on her progress.

By the way I've included her name in Chinese characters in the title of this lens. The Chinese characters translate phonetically to Wan Kim Hong, the first character is her family surname, the next 2 characters means Gold Red. To help you find even more of her you should be able to just copy the Chinese characters and search away. Do remember to give feedback on the guest book and you are welcome to suggest a favorite photo, video or news of Elly Kim Hong, a.k.a. Elly Tran Ha.