Anggun C Sasmi

Anggun C Sasmi

Birth name                      Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Birth date                       April 291974
Birth place                      Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupations                   Singer, and Model

Personal Information
Her full name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi, in Bali it means "A grace born out of a dream". Her father, Darto Singo, was a famous singer and producer in Indonesia and Anggun decided to follow in her father's footsteps. At the tender age of 7 years she recorded her first album with children's song. At 12, after becoming interested in rock music, she recorded her second heavily rock influenced album, "Dunia Aku Punya", that in the indonesian language mean "World of mine". This album became very popular and she became a megastar in East Asia.

In her teens, Anggun was influenced by native Javanese artists as well as by rock & roll singers and bands such as Elvis Presley, Metallica and The Police. In 1986, with Ian Antono, a famous Indonesian music producer, Anggun released her first official album in Indonesia, titled Dunia Aku Punya. Anggun's fame continued to rise with the release of subsequent singles, "Mimpi"  and most notably "Tua Tua Keladi" (the latter earned her the "Most Popular Indonesian Artist" award for 1990–1991).  These singles were massively popular in Indonesia.  In late 2009, Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine placed the song "Mimpi" at #47 on their "150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time" list. Following the success of these singles, Anggun returned to release follow-up albums; Anak Putih Abu Abu in 1991 and then Nocturno in 1992. Both albums achieved great success and moreover established her as one of Indonesia's "Lady Rockers".

Anggun met her future husband Michel Georgea (a young French engineer on one of her tours). Her parents did not approve of her marriage at first, but eventually relented.

In the 1994 the young singer then decided to leave Indonesia and try her luck in Europe.

Anggun is an Indonesian-born French singer/songwriter. She has released 12 studio albums (5 in Indonesian and English, 4 in French) and one soundtrack album (Open Hearts), and her songs have also been included on various compilation albums. Her musical career began in childhood, and she achieved commercial success in Indonesia when she was 12 years old. At the age of 20, she moved to Europe, and she is now living in Paris, France.

Her best-known album is Snow on the Sahara, which has been released in 33 countries across the world, including the US; this album also spawned her biggest worldwide hit to date, "Snow on the Sahara."

Anggun discography

Indonesian-language albums
* 1986: Dunia Aku Punya
* 1990: Mimpi
* 1990: Tua Tua Keladi
* 1990: Takut
* 1991: Anak Putih Abu Abu
* 1992: Nocturno
* 1993: Anggun C. Sasmi... Lah!!!
* 1994: Yang Hilang
* 2011: Echoes (May)

French-language albums
* 1997: Au nom de la lune
* 2000: Désirs Contraires
* 2005: Luminescence
* 2006: Luminescence Edition Speciale
* 2008: Elévation
* 2011: Echos (September)

English-language albums
* 1998: Snow on the Sahara
* 1999: Anggun
* 2000: Chrysalis
* 2002: Open Hearts
* 2005: Luminescence
* 2006: Luminescence Special Edition
* 2007: Best Of
* 2008: Elevation
* 2011: Echoes (September)