Amigo's Director on The Bottomline

An international independent film director takes a bold step in showing the whole world, via his movie “Amigo,” the story behind the Philippine-American war which was allegedly a neglected part of the American history.

International producer-screenwriter-actor-director John Sayles comes face-to-face with the country’s King of Talk Boy Abunda this Saturday (July 2) on “The Bottomline with Boy Abunda” as he shares his thoughts on independent film making and his experiences as a filmmaker.

John Sayles is considered to be one of America’s most illustrious independent film directors. His masterpieces include “Passion Fish,” “Lone Star,” and the forthcoming “Amigo,” a movie set in the Philippine-American War and shot entirely in Bohol with major participation of Filipino cast members and crew led by Joel Torre.

Tagged as the ‘ultimate Hollywood outsider’, John Sayles is keyed up to answer all kinds of questions that the bottomliners plan to hurl at him. Why make a movie about the Philippine-American war? How did the Americans react to his movie? What do you think about Filipinos and the Philippines? Is he against Hollywood?